Today’s Landscape

  • The number of severe malware (virus, worm, phishing, adware, etc) keeps growing.
  • Some reports indicate the percentage of inbound email that is spam or malware easily exceeds 90%; some organizations even report that the spam-rate is more than 95%.
  • Small & medium-sized businesses need to spend less time on technology and more time on business issues.

How an Email Gateway Service Can Help

One strategy for preventing problems with email is to use an EMail Gateway Service. In essence, your domain’s configuration instructs external organizations to send your email to the “Gateway Service” which quarantines suspect messages and delivers only the “clean messages” to your mail server and inbox. The service quarantines the spam and kills the viruses.
How an EMail Gateway Works

Besides moving the potential threats farther away from your infrastructure, using a gateway service reduces the bandwidth consumption because only “clean” messages are delivered to your mail server.

Examples of Gateway Service Providers